ACIES Ceremony

hosted by
Our Lady of Guadalupe Praesidium

At Good Shepherd Church
3092 Innes Rd, Ottawa

April 22, 2018

The Regia of Ottawa held its annual ACIES ceremony on Sunday 22 April 2018. It is interesting to note that it was on The Good Shepherd Sunday at The Good Shepherd Church in Ottawa. Approximately 120 members/auxiliary members and their families attended. The Rosary was led by Deacon Joseph Elivert. Father Shroff, the Spiritual Director for the Ottawa Regia, provided a wonderful allocutio where he addressed the three Fiats: 1) God the Father’s FIAT in Genesis Ch. 1: “Let there be light…and there was light”. This is the FIAT that has the power to create. 2) God the Son’s FIAT, "Here I am…I come to do Thy Will”) and before His Passion “Not My Will but Thine be done”. This is the FIAT that has the power to redeem or re-create (i.e. to make all things new). 3) The FIAT of God’s creatures, especially of man. The Annunciation by Our Lady: "Let it be done to me according to Thy Word”. This FIAT led to the bringing about of the Will/Word of God: “And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us.” This is the FIAT that has the power to sanctify the world by bringing about the Will of God in the world through our actions, decisions, etc.  The 3 Fiats have the power to create, to redeem, and to sanctify. These are, interestingly, the three primary functions that we attribute to the Three Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity: they create, they redeem, and they sanctify or make holy. The Allocutio was given in the presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Following Benediction, there was individual Consecration to our Blessed Mother and Father Shroff then read the Communal Consecration. Brother Peter Hoang, the Regia president, led the Catena and the Concluding Prayers. To complete the afternoon a reception was held in the Parish Hall. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet our auxiliary members and their families. 

Good Shepherd Church Good Shepher statue Altar Blessed Mother Statue Standard